Guidelines for participation
in CHA Co-op

1. All children must have a parent or designated guardian on site at all times.

2. We ask that all parents take an active role in CHA Co-op by either volunteering to teach or to be a teacher’s aide and to be a part of the clean-up crew to ensure the church is cleaned before leaving each Friday.

3. All cell phones belonging to students must be off or left with parents during class times. There will be NO unauthorized cell phone usage allowed in classes.

4. If you cannot attend on the day you are scheduled to work, it is your responsibility to call one of the CHA Team Members as soon as possible to have a substitute take your place. If you are a teacher’s aide, please also call the teacher with whom you work.

5. All classrooms need to be tidy and in order before the next class begins. Please take a few minutes before the class is over to pick up the room.

Parent Responsibilities

1. Respect and encourage adherence to all guidelines.

2. Arrive early. We will start our Co-op day in the Family Life Center with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer before children head to their first class.

3. Remain on site AT ALL TIMES.

4. Be willing to adhere to the Conflict and Discipline policies.

5. All classrooms need to be tidy and in order before the next class begins. Please take the last 5 minutes of your class to pick up the classroom.

6. No gossiping or causing dissension.

Student Responsibilities/Code of Conduct

1. Be on time.

2. Be prepared. Bring supplies, books, and homework.

3. Be quiet in the halls between classes—absolutely no yelling or running.

4. Be respectful of others and their property.

5. Dress modestly and wear clothing that is respectful.

6. No using bad or crude language or slang that could be offensive to others.

7. No internet access during co-op.

8. Work together and encourage one another in words and actions.

Clean Up Policy

Each family is to sign-up for 2 weeks of clean-up. Please check with a CHA Team Member to make sure you are on the clean-up list. Clean up includes:

1. vacuuming rooms and used common areas

2. cleaning front doors

3. sweeping common area downstairs

4. emptying classroom and bathroom trash cans and taking all trash out to the dumpster.

5. returning materials to their proper place

6. wiping down all bathroom sinks and mirrors

7. turning all lights off before leaving

Conflict Resolution Policy

Unfortunately, personality conflicts and misunderstandings can happen. It is important that we have in place a path for resolution of any conflicts. If conflict arises, parents and teachers should seek to resolve the issue on their own in a calm and respectful manner. If either party is unsatisfied or resolution cannot be met, the parties then should seek the assistance of one of the CHA Team Members.

Discipline and Standards Policy

1. Parents should monitor their children’s behavior when needed.

2. Disciplinary measures should be taken privately. Uncooperative or disruptive children will be removed from activities.

3. Children should respect authorities as well as peers.

4. For minor infractions, the child will be given a verbal warning and the parent will be made aware of the incident.

5. In cases of more serious disciplinary issues, the following should be considered standard procedure:

a. Child will be given a verbal warning by the instructor, and parent will be made aware of the incident.

b. If unacceptable behavior continues, the child will be taken to his/her parent for the rest of the class period.

c. If the unacceptable behavior continues in class(es) the student can be dismissed from class and can be withdrawn from the co-op and no fees will be refunded.

d. Participation in future co-ops will be on a probationary period. The CHA Co-op reserves the right to expel any student from the co-op, if disruptive behavior fails to be curtailed.

e. Parents need to be willing to allow the instructors to discipline their children according to the procedures outlined above and must be willing to abide by the instructor’s decision to dismiss their children from the class if the instructor deems it necessary.

5. Each child attending the co-op must be accompanied by a parent who must remain on site for the entire time.

Dress Code

1. Clothing must be modest. Please do not wear spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, or any short, tight fitting, or midriff-baring shirts.

2. Necklines must be modest and any shorts, skirts or dresses must be at mid-thigh or longer in length.

4. No clothing with Anti-Christian messaging should be worn.

4. If you are not sure something is appropriate to wear, please don’t wear it.

Refund Policy

There will be no refunds for class fees after classes have started. Teachers will have already bought supplies for their classes.