Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Hello Families,

We are approaching the end of another co-opsemester. What an amazing time we have had. We have been able to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. 

The Sherman Church has been such a for blessing for us. We have enjoyed meeting here and the addition of a kitchen has been incredible. Not to mention what a wonderful opportunity for us to have had lunch prepared and knowing that donation for our lunch will benefit God’s beautiful children in Africa.

God has truly blessed this organization in many ways.

Many of you have asked about our schedule for next semester. We as a team are working on getting the schedule ready. Once it is prepared and voted on it will be emailed to all of you and you will have the first opportunity to sign your children up for classes. We now have “Swag Wear” ready for purchase with the CHA Logo and CHA Sabres Logo. We have t- shirts short and long sleeved and hoodies. Your color choices are white, blue, and grey. You can purchase them online at our website store. As we approach our break with co-op our basketball season will now begin. We are hoping many of you will plan on attending our home Basketball Games. We have several of our boys in co-op that are playing on the team. We would love to have the support from our families. Our schedule is on the website for your view. Once again, we would like to thank you for all your support as we continue to work to make CHA a wonderful enrichment for homeschool families. Enjoy your break and the Holidays.

CHA Team

Sean Collins
Big News!

Hello Co-op Families,

Hopefully you have all settled into the fall school year and are getting use to your co-op schedule. Each week should find us a bit more organized. We are so excited to have the wonderful facility we have this year. The staff at Sherman Church of the Nazarene have been so wonderful and so far things are going well and they are happy to have us. 

This is to help explain to all of you the direction we are headed with the Christian Homeschooling Association. When we started our organization 17 months ago our organization was under the umbrella of Saving Children Inc. an organization that helps to launch new ministries. As we have grown, it has been mutually agreed upon by both organizations that is is time for us to go out on our own. What does this mean for our organization? 

We have expanded our board and team of parents helping to run this organization. We also are in the process of forming our own 501c for Christian Homeschooling Association. We have now also incurred the expense of insurance for our organization. We have had to provide a certificate of insurance for the Sherman Church of the Nazarene for $1,000,000. In addition, we have had to provide medical insurance coverage for all the co-op students above your own family medical insurance. We also have given the Sherman Church a $220.00 donation for the use of the building and $50.00 to help with paper products. We also want to give them another donation at the end of our semester. This is a very reasonable amount compared to other churches we looked into for our co-op.

All of this has just come about in the last couple of months. Our family co-op fees do not come anywhere close to covering all of our new expenses. However, we want to continue to make our co-op affordable to our families. As a team, we have decided that the best way to keep fees affordable and pay all of our operating expenses is to do a couple of fundraisers a year. 

We have all agreed we do not want to sell candy or pizzas etc. We have been looking for a couple of fundraisers that we think will provide our group with the operating funds we need and not to much work for our families. 

We have a couple of other fundraisers we are currently looking at and will let you know what we have decided. We want to thank you for being apart of Christian Homeschooling Association and we are excited about the direction of our group. 

Our New Sports Program!

One other point of business is to update you all on the Sports Program we are starting. We tentatively have an agreement with Concordia Lutheran School for the use of their gym. We met with their board and they voted to allow us to rent their facility. They have to present this before their congregation on Tuesday the 26th of September for a final vote. We have been told that this in only a formality and the board felt confident with us moving forward.

We are starting with Boys BB this year. We will have two teams a JV team for Jr High and a Varsity Team for High School. We are so excited to get this off the ground. This is will give Central Illinois Homeschoolers the opportunity to compete in athletics. This sports program is not for recreational play it will be a place to provide those interested in developing their skills and have the chance to compete with other schools and homeschool groups. The cost to participate this year will be $140.00 this will help to offset all of our expenses for the gym rental, refs for the home games, insurance and other expenses. We currently have 13 games on our schedule and are adding more each day. If you have a son who would be interested in playing please talk to Tammy Fitch. 

As always you can contact or email with questions.


CHA Staff